AL360 Team


Maria Morales Navarro


I was born in Tenerife on March 20, 2006. I am a girl who loves outdoor sports. I started to practice windsurfing at the age of 7 with my sister Marta, but she has not wanted to continue. I’m lucky to live near the sea, El cabezo my homespot, and that my father takes me to practice every day if there are conditions.
What makes me ride is the desire to improve, meet other spots and other people. I love the freedom that feels to be in the sea pushed by the wind. Every day I watch videos and read windsurfing magazines. If I do not have to go to school and there’s wind… I’m in the water.

- 2 clasificada campeonato de canarias 2017.
- 3ª clasificada PWA junior Gran Canaria 2017.
- 3ª clasificda PWA junior Tenerife 2017.
- 2ª clasificada PWA junior (Almería) categoria sub.17./2018
- 2ª clasificada PWA junior (Gran Canaria) categoría sub 15/2018
- 2ª clasificda PWA junior (Tenerife) categoría sub 15/2018
- Campeona del mundo PWA 2018 categoría sub.15