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Kauli Seadi


Born at 20 of december od 1982, in Florianopolis, Kauli started to travel with 12 years and, with 16, became a profession athlete, winning his first professional event of his career at the age of 18.

Since he started the World Tour, Kauli collected big victories such as: three times windsurf world champion at wave category, during 2005, 2007 and 2008; two times world vice-champion, during 2006 and 2009, 11 times brazillian windsurf champion, brazillian stand up paddle wave champion at 2010.

Kauli produced, during 2006, a movie that show his history in the sport, named “The Little House”. During 2010, Kauli made part of a tv show on Multishow channel, Osso Duro. During 2011, he was one of the main characters of “Mind Wide Open” movie, one of the most revolutionary windsurf moveis of all times.

Nowadays, the athlete present the tv show “Waterman”, together with his wife, the oceanographer Maria Fernanda, at channel OFF, and is also the founder and proprietary of Clube Kauli Seadi, at Sào Miguel do Gostoso, which is work reference on watersports gear rental and classes services, such as windsurf, kite surf and stand up paddle. His passion is being in the water, practicing any water sport!
Kauli chose São Miguel do Gostoso thinking in the future: “Gostoso has an exceptional sailing condition, everyday i can sail in front of the clube and pousada, besides having nice people, sun, warm weather, beach and lagoon to enjoy different water sports, is a perfect spot to live! Well, living in a hotel makes feel a bit more like traveling, this way i don’t miss it that much!” says the athlete, that doesn’t change São Miguel do Gostoso for any other place!