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I would not want to be on any other boom than AL360 when touching 50 knots in the canal and riding big waves in Tenerife.

Zara is the only women in history that has held two sailing world records at the same time. She holds the women's windsurfing 500m record and the outright nautical mile record. She has been windsurfing since she was 13. Competing at British national level in 1999 - 2001 winning the British Women's Slalom Title in 2000.
Since 2005 she has been concentrating on Speed, competing nationally & internationally.
Women's overall winner at Weymouth Speed Week 2004, 2005 , 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Zara also holds the ladies harbor record at 32.44knots which had stood for 22 years, set by the legendary Jenna De Ronsney.
Zara Davis is officially the fastest female windsurfer of all time at 46.49 knots over 500m. Holder of Three World Speed Sailing Records. 500 metres, the Nautical Mile and the 500m Production record.

Zara’s favourite windsurfing spots are, for speed Luderitz in Namibia of course and for slalom and wave Medano in Tenerife. Other hobbies include road and mountain biking, Sking and Snowboarding.

2005 Finished 6th in the world overall in ISA speed world cup and PWA slalom.

2006 Finished 3rd in the world overall and 2nd production. In the ISA speed world cup series.

2007 Finish 3rd in the world overall even after her crash in Namibia where she broke her foot and couldn't finish the event.

2008 Finished 2nd overall her highest ranking ever

2009 European Speed Champion and ranked 2nd in the world

2010 Finished No 1 in the world, set news women's production board record for Mistral. In Luderitz Namibia.

2011 Women's ISWC European champion for a second time. Retained her No1 position on the world rankings.

2012 Goes top of the alltime women's GPS speed ranking with a 40.99k average. Wins British Championship for a record 6th time. Retains her European title. Fastest female windsurfer of all time with a world record of 45.83 knots at Luderitz, Namibia.

2013 Fastest women in the world at 43.89 knots over 500m

2014 ISWC European Champion for the 4th time and Winner of UKWA speed championships. UKWA womens National Slalom Champion

2015 ISWC European Champion for the 5th timeand UKWA speed championship winner. British National Slalom Champion.

2016 ISWC Womens World Speed Champion.

2017 Zara regains her 500m world record at 46.49 knots in Luderitz Namibia and wins ISWC speed world championships in Fuerteventura for the 3rd time.

2018 Zara defends her Nautical Mile record and improves it to 37.29 knots in La Palme, South of France.

Women's World Outright Record Holder for the nautical mile at 37.29 knots

Women's World Windsurfing 500m Record Holder 46.49 knots

Women's British Record Holder for 500m at 46.49 knots

Women's World Production Record Holder for 500m at 46.49 knots