AL360 Team

Slalom race

Andrea Baldini


- WHY AL360?
I Love AL360 boom for 5 important reason:
1) Great Shape to help the sail to work properly.
2) Super stiff and Solid… Unbreakable!
3) Super safe for the hands even if you sail for hours in warm season.
4) They Can customize for the Speed Knights!
5) It’s made in Italy by the great Cominardi Family!!
…and finally: Italians do it Better !

Classic studies, doctorate in economics, writer of music and singer… multisport athlete.

The 7 November 2009 with his AL360 boom, Principe won the last World Cup Speed Race becoming the European Speed Champion . In the Prince of Speed 2018 he achieved the Outright Italian Sailing Record over the Nautical Mile.
He won also the F2 Speed Challenge at the Como Lake and he took part in many record attempt all around the world. In January 2011 he got the award of Waterman of the Year in Italy.
With his motto “Forever Speed” he is inspiring many people addicted to the water sport.

After an horrible accident in which he had broken 4 vertebrae, in the end of 2012 on the road to Luderitz, he didn’t give up and against all the doctors prediction he came back to the water...stronger than before.
From the Season 2016 we could see him Flying in many videos in his facebook page, lot of wild runs at 47, 48 and 50kts in his amazing beach at La Palme (France) Plage du Rouet !!
In June 2016 he won (on 671 racer subscribers) the 2016 Dunkerbeck Worldwide Virtual Speed Challenge .
And in July 2016 he became the first Italian in the Sailing History to make a Nautical Miles over 40kts (40,62 in GPS)… and it’s just the beginning of the new Era ;-)
Challenger Sails from 2017 made a signature series sail with his name: PSL, Principe Speed Line (he does the R&D together with the owner Badiali).

In 2013 he help the AL360 TEAM to make and test the fantastic AL360 ASY Boom!!!

He is living in France . Over there he dvelops Speed Material and with his association Forever Speed he organize the amazing Speed Event…… “Prince of Speed” : 500mt race and Nautical Mile World Record Attempt. Antoine Albeau achieved the 500mt race of POS 2018.
The POS Nautical Mile World Record Attempt 2018 was Unreal!!: 5 World Records and 12 National Records Officially Ratified by WSSRC ( World Sailing Speed Record Council)… included his Outright Italian Record.