AL360 Team

Slalom race

Lena Erdil


- WHY AL360?
Such a pleasure to be using Al360 windsurfing booms. I have been riding with their booms since 2011 and never broken anything. If you are looking for a light, durable and stylish design go check them out.

I am not your typical surf child, I have spend the biggest part of my life growing up in Cities far away from the sea, Göttingen in Germany (my mothers Hometown) and Brussels in Belgium where I went to high school. I went on to study politics and philosophy in England and only with a degree in my pocket I finally fully committed to my dream of becoming a full time professional windsurfer! Travelling the world competing on the PWA world tour consistently achieving top 3 results in slalom as well as starting to compete in the waves has been my life since then. While I try to push my limits and achieve my goal of becoming PWA World Champion chasing the sun and wind around the world has been my favourite by-product. I wish to share my story and hopefully inspire as many people as possible to believe and act upon their dreams.

2 x IFCA World Champion (2015-2016)
1 x PWA Indoor World Champion (2014)
3 x PWA Vice World Championship (2014-2016-2018)
2 x PWA World Championship 3rd Place (2013-2015)
5 x Young Women’s Turkish National Champion (2003-2008)
8 x Women Turkish National Champion (2009-2017)